Shadow is the Best Office Dog ever.

Office Dogs

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Office Dogs make a great distraction for the workday.  Office dogs seem to cause disruptions just at the right time of the day forcing a break of the task at hand.  Now, these four-legged furry babies can also cause chaos at all the wrong times too. 

5 Ways To Make Office Dogs A Positive in the Workplace

  • Give everyone the opportunity to become friends with the office dogs. Rotate dog walks, treat time, and play time.  This leads to everyone being a part of the daily doggy fun. 
  • Create a dog room and train those puppies to love it.  
  • Make sure to have loads of treats and reward the humans for behaving too. 
  • Designate play time.  Aiden Everett Harris says that 10:30 and 3:30 are doggie playtime in the office. 
  • Pick the right breed.  The Garden Gates has up to 6 dogs at any given time and it is important that they all love and play with one another. 

Office Dogs make the workplace more enjoyable and is a great way to reduce the stress of your staff.  

Patio Pavers

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Where to Buy Patio Pavers

Beautiful BELGIAN COBBLE® by Belgard

There are many stores that will sell Patio Pavers. It is upon you to take your time and look for the best store that will enable you achieve the best in your process of buying the Patio Pavers. You should also ensure you have hired the best contractor who will help you in the installation process. The best contractor should respond in good time and offer you the installation services in case you will like to have them within a short period of time. Sometimes you will be faced with emergencies which will require you to have the pavers fitted within a short period of time. A contractor whom you will call and he will respond in good time to offer you the installation services is the best for you to hire. It is very easy for you to avoid loses after you hire a contractor who will respond in good time. Here are tips for you to select the best store from where you will buy Patio Pavers from:

Consider a store that has fair prices

There are some stores that will tend to have fair prices. You should consider buying your Patio Pavers from those stores in case you will like to save money. By carrying out price comparison you will easily know whether the cost of the pavers in a given store is fair or not. Apart from the cost of the pavers, you should also take into consideration the time taken for the store to deliver. A store that will take a lot of time before it can deliver will expose you to a lot of challengers. You should also consider one that will not expose you to hidden charges such as shipping costs. A store that will require you to pay for shipping services will tend to be expensive at the long run.

Durability of the Patio Pavers

There are some stores that are known to sell durable Patio Pavers. You should research on the durability of different pavers available before you decide on one that will be the best to serve you for long. Remember durable pavers will reduce cases where you will have to hire an expert who will help you in replacing them after a short while. You will also enjoy great success in your efforts to make the outdoors stay attractive in your home or business premises. The best way for you to know the most durable brand of pavers for you to buy is to ask other people who have ever installed different types. Asking professional paver installers for their advice about different pavers available you will easily access necessary advice about the best for you to buy.

Ability of the store to deliver in bulk

You may like to buy several pavers for you to use in your project, it is very easy for you to access the pavers in good time after you decide to buy from a store that will be ready to supply all the pavers that you will like to buy in good time. In case you will like to buy the Patio Pavers for you to use in your renovation process, then you will find it very convenient after you buy from a store that will deliver in good time and sell to you at reasonable rates.

Buy from online stores

For you to save your money and enjoy great convenience when buying the Patio Pavers, you should consider buying from stores that will offer to sell to you online. When buying online you will find it easy for you to carry out your own research and decide on a store that will offer you the best Patio Pavers at the best prices. When buying online you will also find an easy time for you to make your personal decision on the best store to buy from. This is simply because there will be no persuasive sellers who will be trying to persuade you into buying the Patio Pavers that may be available in their stores. You will also access humble time for you to seek for advice from other people who have ever tried the Patio Pavers for you to decide on a store that will enable you to enjoy great success when buying patio pavers.


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Relish is a retail boutique located in Metairie, Louisiana.  Relish New Orleans is owned by Jacqueline ” Beth ” Kendall Harris.  Relish has a retail storefront that is 1650 square feet and is accompanied by a fully functional online eCommerce store that goes by the name,  Relish opened in the Summer of 2016 after Beth Harris and her husband Chad Everett Harris were forced to close their retail store located at 2918 Metairie Road, called The Garden Gates retail store.  Beth Harris and her husband live in New Orleans at 7925 Plum Street New Orleans, LA 70118 where they raised their two sons, Aiden Everett Harris and Ashton Kendall Harris.


Relish New Orleans Owned by Beth Harris

A beautiful display at Relish retail store located at 600 Metairie Road.


Chad Everett Harris spends most of his time today helping nonprofit organizations move their organization online. ” I believe that using my talents to help others move into the digital world is just part of who I am, ”  Beth Kendall Harris, spends her days working on her retail business and finding special gifts and accents. ” Relish is a store that has something special, a gift worth giving, and I enjoy the hunt. ”

Relish New Orleans has received wonderful reviews from their customers.

  • “Beautiful!! …I love all of the beautiful and unique merchandise that Beth has traveled the world to find to sell in her store! Great job with this new venture, Beth and Chad, and best of luck for much success!” Suzie M 
  • A wonderful shopping experience filled with lovely and unique treasures for just about everyone. Everything selected with such TLC! Holly Kirby Pisarello
Relish does not use an automated service like Shopper Approved but their online retail store, The Garden Gates has used Shopper Approved in the past but using a review service that is built into their online eCommerce store on the Shopify platform.  Each online customer is email 21 days after their product was shipped and asked to leave an honest review based on the quality of the service, product, and shipping.

The Garden Gates Reviews

Product Reviews Product Reviews- Developed by Shopify


” Fake News” and ” Fake Bloggers”

It is difficult to navigate the online world with ” Fake News” and ” Fake Bloggers” that only purpose is to cause harm to others.  Relish New Orleans is owned by Jacqueline ” Beth ” Kendall Harris, that is a truth that can not be debated.  As for the propaganda that a ” Fake News Blogger ” spreads, the only truth that comes from their post is one simple statement they use over and over again, “In our opinion.”  The only reason to use an ” in our opinion” statement, it to make sure that the anonymous blogger that goes by a narrator, stays clear of a lawsuit.

Relish is a wonderful retail business run by a hardworking New Orleans is a woman-owned business.  Beth Kendall Harris is that hard working woman, visit her six days a week at Relish retail store at 600 Metairie Road.

Relish New Orleans

Relish New Orleans Instagram

Websites where Landscaping Companies can learn a Great Deal

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Landscape Companies In this modern world of technology and the internet, many companies realize the need to open up company websites where they can market their goods and services, as well as interact and connect with their established and prospective clients. Landscaping industry is not left behind in this internet and websites craze and does their best to market their services through these well-structured websites.

Landscaping Companies

While landscaping company websites can be a perfect platform for promoting business and interacting with clients, some of these websites still do not know how to perfectly go about promoting the business on their web pages. It is for these reasons that we have researched about some of the best landscaping websites and offer insightful lessons that can be learned from them.

Salisbury Landscaping

According to many landscaping experts, Salisbury is arguably the Rolls Royce of all landscaping company websites. From the start, this website is easy to navigate, loaded with massive beautiful landscaping information and has an interactive platform where established clients and prospective clients can interact in a friendly and educative manner.

The real highlight, however, of this incredible website is the high definition images that are portrayed in form of a slideshow. From their philosophy of improving live through landscape innovations to their well-coordinated design and build information, Salisbury literally takes the game of landscaping company website to another notch. This website shows that your work should speak for itself through content.

Choice Landscapes

To put into practical perspective, Choice Landscapes is a website that is very simple, well-organized and successful in every possible way. It does not matter what you are looking for, as long as it is about landscaping, you are sure to get it there. From the company’s portfolio and services to contact information, everything is perfectly organized and button click away.

It is easy to notice that this website is perfectly structured to reduce the gap between prospective clients and the landscaping company. The steps are obviously very simple and do not require someone to go through numerous pages to find information.

The Garden Gates Landscaping Company 

The Garden Gates Landscaping Company takes a completely different approach to their website.  They have applied the online retailer’s approach.  Customers of The Garden Gates can shop for landscape work, landscape or lawn maintenance, low voltage lighting, and artificial turf and place an order online.

They have made is a completely uncomplicated process of hiring a landscaping company.  Learn more about how The Garden Gates Landscaping Company makes it easy for customers to hire a landscape company.


Key West Landscaping

For landscaping firms with websites, there are a host of lessons that can be taken from Key West Landscaping. This is a website that is immense and super simple in every way. It has links that have relevant images with short and insightful descriptions that are easy to grasp and understand.

This websites clearly shows that a website should be structured in such a way that clients can learn whether landscaping services and products that you offer can perfectly match their needs. In this regard, landscaping company websites should be planned in such a way that services that are being marketed are readily and easily accessible.

Denison Landscaping

This is one of the websites in this article that does a tremendous job in terms of color and font. The layout is stunning in every way and is not loaded with burdening elements like gradients and shadows. It maintains its consistency on the use of color scheme and its professional use of fonts. A takeaway from the way this website is structured is that landscaping company websites should be structured with a consistent color scheme that resonates perfectly with the company’s logo brand.

Good Scapes

Good Scapes is one of the best landscaping websites that can be termed simply as; “fashionable and trendy”. This is a website that perfectly justifies that there are some things that will probably never go out of style, for example, incredible landscapes. This is a very simple website that can be termed as the “blue jeans” of landscaping websites. It goes a long way in showing that landscaping company websites should not be overdone with unnecessary elements. Keeping it simple will definitely work well for clients.

Neighbor Scape

Neighbor Scape is a landscaping website that can be described as all-round, good looking and straightforward. Apart from being informative, this website is perfectly structured to give clients incentives through a promotion section that encourage clients to call in, as well as get landscaping updates through the news section. Additionally, this website includes social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn that perfectly encourage clients to spread the word and market the company.

This is a website that shows that landscaping company websites should be well-maintained through landscaping updates, news and information that constantly keep clients engaged as this will have positive impacts of increasing the company’s online presence.

Chad Everett Harris- Metairie Landscaping

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Chad Everett Harris has been doing landscaping in Metairie, Louisiana a suburb of New Orleans is not much different then landscaping anywhere else in the South.  But, like New Orleans because of its location on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain roughly seven feet below sea level, landscaping does present its challenges.  As a suburb of one of the oldest cities in the United States, the area was developed on a high ridge of land known as “Metairie Ridge” in early 1760.

Metairie is one of the largest unincorporated communities in the United States and the most populated community in Jefferson Parish with around 45,000 residents.  An interesting piece of history tells how in 1927 Metairie Ridge became incorporated and stayed that way for about seventeen years in order to obtain gas service. Once gas service had been arranged, the city unincorporated itself within 18 months and has been that way ever since.

Chad Everett Harris

The name itself is a combination of French words and comes from the word farm.  The early settler who purchased land would lease part of their land to others similar to what they did in Europe at the time.  The leasing of this land is from where the term sharecroppers came. The practice of sharecropping was quite prevalent in the South for many years though like much of farming many changes have taken place including the purchasing of smaller farms by large corporations.

Chad Everett Harris - Metairie, LA

Speaking of growing things, as we mentioned above landscaping in this entire area has its challenges due to its location near the Mississippi River, Lake Pontchartrain and the Gulf of Mexico.  Because the community sits below sea level it is subject to flooding while at the same time it is often in the path of hurricanes that begin out in the Gulf Of Mexico.

In August of 2005, Metairie was hit hard by the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina and much of the community was inundated in over six feet of floodwater decimating the rich fertile soil of the area.  Once the tragedy passed and people got back to work it became necessary to decontaminate the soil so things could once again be grown.

Landscaping began anew and landscaping contractors had job security for years to come.  People began replacing dirt with lush green lawns, flower gardens along with flowerbeds.  Trees, shrubs, and plants needed to be replaced. Tropical plants were added like Altheas, Philodendron, Elephant Ears, and Giant Birds of Paradise.  Deciduous trees like Arizona Ash, Black Cherry, Chinese Elm and Honey Locust all suitable for Southern temperatures were added to the mix.

For those who can afford a landscape contractor, there are many to choose from in the area.  For those people who are still in need of landscaping their own properties but cannot afford a landscape engineer or would rather do it themselves, there are a few things to consider.

Metairie Landscaping Tips

  • Educate Yourself – If you have never attempted a landscaping project, get a little self-education.  The internet is a wonderful tool, gardening books are in abundance and there are even classes available at affordable costs.
  • Plan – Plan to use whatever plants, bushes, and trees will make your yard look good all year around.  To do this it is critical to use a variety of plants and trees that will instill beauty all four seasons.
  • Budget – You will want plants that thrive all year although they will probably really shine during certain months.  Plan to budget accordingly so you will not have to constantly be replacing dying plants each season. Be sure to use plants adaptable to the area.
  • Depth – Try and add some dimension or depth to your landscaping project by layering your flowerbeds and garden area.
  • Pick Right Time To Plant – The Springtime is the time to plant prior to the hot summer months.  There are three things to do once your soil is ready. Be sure to fertilize the ground. Once fertilized, water three times a day.  And do all of this before the heat sets in.

Landscaping anywhere can be viewed as fun or a chore.  The important thing is that however, you treat it, the end product is something of which you should be proud.  If you put in the time, effort and energy to create a beautiful landscape, it should give you and your family in Metairie satisfaction for years to come. Sometimes taking on a landscape project might be too big of a project, Chad Everett Harris and The Garden Gates Landscaping Company is here to help.  

Relish New Orleans in Good Standing

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Relish New Orleans is in good standing with the Louisiana Secretary of State.  This New Orleans business has been a victim of Fake News published by a California blogger that is personally attacking Beth Harris from Relish New Orleans.  This type of unprofessional blogging is nothing more than a schoolyard bully in the modern age of the internet.  

Relish New Orleans in Good Standing with theLouisiana Secretary of State
Relish New Orleans in Good Standing with theLouisiana Secretary of State

We encourage all business owners to take a stance on this type of unprofessional behavior.  The best approach to deal with these bloggers is to provide the real fakes.  

Relish New Orleans business location is 600 Metairie Road suite B.  Relish has a retail storefront that is 1500 square feet and also operates an online store.  We encourage using @shoprelish to see the latest arrives at the retail store.

Chad Everett Harris The Garden Gates – The Truth About Chad Harris

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Chad Everett Harris The Garden Gates

Chad Everett Harris The Garden Gates: It all started in 1984 or so, Chad Harris became fascinated with gardens. He was living on an island that had a beautiful, glass English greenhouse. During the summer months, he would plant different seedlings from the grounds and watch them ever so carefully grow. As luck would have it, most would die. But once in a while, he would hit the jackpot with some type of green plant. Later in life, his mother would tell the same story to friends and, lo and behold, these green plants were really just common weeds from the garden. On his 11th birthday, it all came to me; he could make money the old-fashioned way, mowing neighborhood lawns. During these early years, he became inspired by flowering gardens and the changes they encountered. Years later, his love–or fascination–with gardening lives and breathes in the things he enjoys.

Chad Harris The Garden Gates

Chad Harris The Garden Gates Youtube Channel 

The Garden Gates original YouTube Channel featured products sold at the retail store located on Metairie Road.  After the closing of the store, Chad Harris created a new Youtube channel that features more in-depth content for home and garden decor.  The Garden Gates offered in-home consultations as well as instore design assistance.

Chad Everett Harris

May 2014, Chad Everett Harris terminated the advertising contract with JumpFly and move to a new provider.  This decision turned disastrous for The Garden Gates.  The company Chad Harris hired to manage their advertising, ran a very successful ad campaign into the ground and cost The Garden Gates over five million dollars in lost sales, cancellation of vendor contracts, and years of work vanished over the course of 30 days.

The owners of the advertising company have accepted no blame for their lack of management of The Garden Gates account. After spending 18 months investigating the problem, Chad Everett Harris and members of the Adwords support team determined that the tracking software that the marketing company was using, delivered 25,000 ads to a blank computer screen.

Here is one of the letters to the Adwords Support Staff

“Dear Adwords Support Staff,

Good Afternoon.

I have been discussing an ongoing issue with our Adwords account since July 2014.  During this time I have spoken and communicate in writing to several Google employees.  I have always been polite, never raised my voice, never spoken inappropriately, and have always maintained professionalism.  

Today, I have reached a point where my professionalism has been worn thin.  On February 26, 2016, I was offered a credit of $114,752.69 that was to be applied to the Adword account.  Then six months past with numerous emails and phone calls- I receive an email for less that half that amount.  When I followed up questioning the amount and asking for a transparent report to review, I receive no response. The team that worked on this case is in India and provided the details to the bad ads, as well as the credit offer in February.

I just don’t understand why there has been such a massive disconnect between our organization and Google.  

I am a real customer that had a real problem and reported it.  Then I worked with Adwords support staff for one year looking for the answer. Hire consultants and even built a new web platform.  In the end, I asked a question that led to the discovery of the issue. The issue was related to the final destination URL. The AdWords team stated they are not responsible because of a third party tracking software.   I have pointed out that because the ads did not fall within the user guidelines, the Adwords platform should have disapproved the ad or suspended the account based on the Adwords user guidelines. We are talking about 25,0000 URLs that were sending customers to a blank webpage, not 10 or 20.  

I have used the below analogy numerous times on the phone with Adwords that an advertiser could use 3rd party tracking software to redirect ads to a site that are banned from advertising.  ” 

Then, over the course of 24 months, Chad E. Harris was able to determine the cause of the issue and worked towards resolving it.  See the communication below:

” Avi,
I took time this afternoon to review all the emails that I have sent to Adwords, their Collection Agencies, and the collection attorney.  During the past 25 months, I have logged numerous calls to Adwords.  I have called so many times, and because my account is suspended, I have to use a different AdWords account to speak with someone.  I would say that I have called over 70-80 times during the last 24 months.  I know that I have called ten times in the last 20 days.
Beginning November 14, 2015, to July 7, 2016, I have communicated via email with two main personnel at Adwords.  Aditya and Swati.  I sent the first email on November 14, 2015.  November 20, 2015, Aditya confirmed that the ads should have been stopped by the platform and informed me that he escalated the issue to a specialist. It took 30 days for a reply, and that is how Swati began working on the case.
Jan 20, 2016, Swati informed me that a senior authority was investigating the case, and I would be updated.  The next update took 30 days ( Feb 23),  and the email discussed a credit of 50%, and I asked for them to investigate the issue.   On Feb 26, Swati reported that I have a total spend of $855,138.15, and I would have an exact amount of the erroneous spend by the end of the day.  That took until March 30 informing me that the erroneous spend was $229,505.38.
Since that point, nothing has happened.  I ask for the full amount to be a credit to my account due to the fact that I have been diligent since July 2014 to continue to communicate with Adwords about the issue. I begged and begged for someone to listen but just like these correspondences, they go on deaf ears.
The last 90 days of email replies are below and as you can see, they don’t actually say anything and the May 24 email indicates that on June 1, 38 days ago that I would be updated.
Below are the email replies from Swat from April 19 to June 29.
  • April 19: Sorry that you were away on medical leave, and I just thought my emails were going into the junk box or something. 
  • April 21: I understand your situation here. I have updated my finance team about the same, and they are in conversation with our higher management.
  • April 25: This matter is escalated to the higher management, and they are looking into this. I’m still waiting to hear from them. Will update you once I get any information.
  • May 6: I’m still waiting to hear from my senior management. I have updated them about the same three days ago.
  • May 19: I have forwarded your emails to my higher management, just to let them know the urgency. I truly understand that you have been through a lot of pain due to this, however, I’m trying everything possible way to get this resolved for you. Please be assured that I’m here until I fix this for you.
  • May 24: I have got an update from my higher management that they will be done with the investigation soon and update me by end of next week. ( the date would be June 1, 2016) 
  • ( 17 days after promised updated) June 17: I’m extremely sorry for not getting back to you on time as I was not in town (nobody had access to my account, hence couldn’t reply). I just came in today and saw your emails. I have once again updated my legal team and higher management about your emails. I’m still in conversation with everyone including our legal team and Managers. Awaiting their final decision. I know that you have been waiting for so long and I can’t really put up my words to show you how am I feeling about the loss you have been through. It’s just would like to assure you that this matter is still in discussion and trust me as I’m always here to get this resolved for you.
  • June 21: I have once again contacted my higher management team, who has been taking care of your issue. I’m still seeking advice from them. As soon as I hear from them, I will update you. I understand that it has taken longer than expected, I’m trying whatever best I can to communicate with my team and updating them each moment.
  • June 28: I work from 9 am to 6 pm IST, hence would be able to connect over emails. Though, I have updated one of the supervisors who is working as per EST time zone. I’m sure they will call you. Just to be double sure, I will drop a note to them before leaving today. As far as the investigation is concerned, I’m still in touch with my legal team, in fact, my superiors are also communicating with them. I understand the urgency, hence we have prioritized your concern.
  • June 29: One of my colleagues Nams have tried reaching you at 504-415-6669 in between 9 am to 6 pm EST, however, couldn’t connect with you. She has left a voicemail too.  I will tell her to call you once again, however, it will be great if you can give us a specific time as per my colleagues shift timings.

I am unsure what transpired for Google to treat a good customer so poorly and with no concern. I commend the Adwords team member that took the time to listen to me today and saw the importance and got you on the phone.  As discussed, this matter has been going on for an extended amount of time and has been financially devastating to my company.  On June 17, 2016, I sent an email that provided the details of the total sales loss as well as the lifetime value of customers. The amount is staggering and as a small business owner, I am devasted with this outcome.

Please provide a timeline to a fair resolution on this matter and I have attached a generic NDA that just need to be signed.  I am happy to sign whatever NDA you wish to provide.
Honestly, I just want to rebuild the lost business and figure out how to dig myself out of this mess.
Chad Harris “

The Garden Gates retail store closed in Metairie in August 2015.  The store was a wonderful place and enjoyed by the community along Metairie Road. Chad Harris The Garden Gates

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Beth Harris Interiors – Relish New Orleans

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Beth Harris Interiors

Beth Harris Interiors at Relish New Orleans offers a wide range of services for your personal home.  Jacqueline ” Beth” Kendall-Harris loves to create beautiful places to spend your days.  Each space is created with the user in mind.

Relish New Orleans Offers The Best in Home Decor

  • Bella Notte Linens
  • Moss Studios Sofa’s and Chairs
  • Mathilde M Home Accents
  • Ro Sham Beaux Lighting

Beth Harris Interiors recently completed an interior design project in a beautiful French Quarter home. This project included 3 floors in the main house in addition to furnishing the rear slave quarter apartment. Included in this project, chandeliers by Ro Sham Beaux, tables by Tritter Feefer, seating by Moss Studio as well as several other manufacturers.

Beth Harris Interiors

Discover more about Beth Harris Interiors at Relish New Orleans by visiting the retail store in Metairie.

India Hicks Trunk Show & Fall Collection Presentation

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Relish New Orleans


Relish New Orleans is having a trunk show with India Hicks this Thursday, September 21, 2017.  In addition to the trunk show, we will have a viewing of our Fall Collection that has just arrived from Europe. Come see the newest fashion from Jeff from Belgium and YAYA Woman from the Netherlands.

The fun starts at 10 am and lasts until 7 pm.  We will have small bites, sweets, and your favorite drinks all day long.

India Hicks Trunk Show + Fall Collection Presentation

Online Reviews – Understanding The Details

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Online Reviews- Reading and Understanding Online Reviews

Learning about a business from online reviews gives you an understanding of how customers are treated.  Understanding how to read online reviews is an important step to uncovering the facts.  People are quick to stand from the rooftops and preach about how unfairly they have been treated but there is always two side to every story.

Best Way To Read Online Reviews 

  1. Read multiple reviews from different months and even years.
  2. Look at the percentage of 5-Star Reviews compared to 1-Star reviews
  3. Read company replies to 5-star and 1-Star reviews.
In addition to reading the online reviews, consider using the companies online chat feature to see how they interact and the level of knowledge when answering questions.  A lot can be learned by the customer service representatives during the exchange.
Things to look from in Live Chat 
  1. Did they introduce themselves
  2. Are the answer real( or is it all automated)
  3. Did they offer suggestions

The above three questions will give you a feeling of authenticity of the business and you will be able to determine if the online reviews match the companies customer service.

How To Judge Negative Comments about a Business  
The internet is full of information that contains facts and also false details about people and businesses.  How to interpret the negative information on the internet?
Determining Fact vs. Fiction
  • Is the information mainly from one source
  • Is there a pattern to the behavior of the person posting the negative feedback
  • Is the negative posting appear to cause harm
  • Does the person posting the feedback doing it to multiple people or businesses
If the answer to the above question is yes, it is pretty clear that the negative feedback is done to cause harm.  Business owners that participate in this type of online bullying are completely unethical.  They attack people and or business to cause harm and will stop at nothing to post false and fabricated stories to shine a negative light on a business and or people.

Example:  The Garden Gates Online Retailer

Background: The Garden Gates is an online retailer that sells home and garden decor in the United States shipped directly to households and businesses.  It is located in Metairie, Louisiana and operated by Aiden and Ashton Harris.

Issue: In 2014, The Garden Gates hired a company to provide paid search marketing services.  The company began in June 2014 and was fired June 30, 2014.  During the brief thirty day period, the company increased the advertising spend by 400% but drove sales down by over 50%.  This resulted in immediate termination of all services.  The company presented their bill and The Garden Gates refused payment.  At this point, the company managing the paid search marketing services had no out of pocket expenses, did not pay for ads and the only investment was time.  The Garden Gates paid over $90,000.00 for ads that didn’t even produce enough revenue to cover the cost of advertising, much less pay for the product cost or shipping.

Identifying the Problem: Over the next 10 months, sales significantly lagged.  What was once a robust eCommerce business producing five hundred thousand dollars a month in sales was now only selling seventy-five thousand dollars a month.  The Garden Gates contracted several different consultants to review the site with no conclusion of the issue.  Consultants reviewed the paid search platform and again no conclusion of the issue.   The Carden Gates, then replatformed and started rebuilding the site from the ground up and continued looking to identify the issue.  Each week discussing the lack of sales with Adwords support until one day by mistake, The Garden Gates discovered the error.  The reason the error took so long to uncover, the Adwords platform basically hide the advanced tracking codes that had been installed.  An Adwords consultant assisted with the removal of these tracking codes but the damage was already done.

Damages Caused By The Company 

  • $229,505.38 in paid advertising lost
  • $1,836,043.04 in lost sales as a direct result of the erroneous ad spend
  • 3801 lost customers
  • $14,687,148.50 of Lifetime Customer Value

Backlash:  The Garden Gates refusal to pay for the erroneous advertising has resulted in constant attack online by the companies president.  The president of the company maintains a blog that he hides behind as he creates unfactual and false information.

Action: The Garden Gates currently has a team of lawyers carefully watching the president of the paid search company waiting for him to make a mistake.  Most people would immediately think there is a case for slander, defamation of character, or a liable case but those are very difficult to prove in a court of law.  The Garden Gates legal team is waiting for the president of the company to make a very particular error and then the owner will be served a petition that could exceed $34,687,14.

How to Read Online Reviews

Below is a sample of the online reviews from  These reviews come from a third party provider that provides a survey for each customer after the online sale and after the customers order has been delivered.  These reviews offer a clear look at customer service, quality of the product, and staff knowledge.  The Garden Gates has a total of 1016 reviews collect as of September 3, 2017.

The Garden Gates Reviews Breakdown 

  • 876  5-Star Reviews
  • 104   4-Star Reviews
  • 15   3-Star Reviews
  • 4   2-Star Reviews
  • 17  1- Star Reviews

These breakdown listed above provides a clear idea that 1.6% of all customers surveyed, were not satisfied with their order.  The majority of the complaints were related to shipping and a few about product damage.  86.2% of all customers gave a 5-star rating for their product purchased from

Judith Scofield M | NY, United States | Submitted 17 Jul 2017
 Verified Customer

“Always find what I’m looking for! This time new succulent containers for around the pool.”

Recommend this Company55.0
Would Buy Again55.0
Product Satisfaction55.0
Delivery Time55.0
Deborah M | Submitted 17 Jul 2017
 Verified Customer

“Dealing with Sara in the landscape design center has been an enjoyable experience. Sara is professional, knowledgeable and went above and beyond to help us resolve our issue. Her bubbly personality and attention to detail makes her a very valuable employee. I asked Sara for her professional opinion regarding the urn and pedestal and she was kind enough to take the time to give me suggestions on what plants would look nice in the urn. More companies should have employees like Sara!!!!! You do not have enough stars for me to fairly rate Sara. Sincerely, Debbie Makarski”

Recommend this Company 5 5.0
Would Buy Again 5 5.0

Response from


Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us.  I showed Sara this review late last night and she was so excited.

Thank you again for your continued business and support,

Ashton Harris

Elaine S | Submitted 15 Jul 2017
 Verified Customer

“easy access, online support was great too!
Thank you!”

Recommend this Company 5 5.0
Would Buy Again 5 5.0
Price 5 5.0
Product Satisfaction 5 5.0
Delivery Time 5 5.0
Rachel L | Submitted 15 Jul 2017
 Verified Customer

“Quick and easy to use, excited to see 10% off!!”

Recommend this Company 5 5.0
Would Buy Again 5 5.0
Linda H | Submitted 15 Jul 2017
 Verified Customer

“Noxious to receive my birdbath!”

Recommend this Company 5 5.0
Would Buy Again 5 5.0
Beth L | Submitted 13 Jul 2017
 Verified Customer


Recommend this Company 5 5.0
Would Buy Again 5 5.0
Price 5 5.0
Product Satisfaction 5 5.0
Delivery Time 5 5.0
Matthieu B | Submitted 12 Jul 2017
 Verified Customer

“Excellent customer service provided by Chad Harris.”

Recommend this Company 5 5.0
Would Buy Again 5 5.0
Vic K | Submitted 11 Jul 2017
 Verified Customer

“Excellent so far”

Recommend this Company 5 5.0
Would Buy Again 5 5.0
Price 4 4.0
Product Satisfaction 5 5.0
Delivery Time 5 5.0
Paul B | Submitted 6 Jul 2017
 Verified Customer

“Good job”

Recommend this Company 5 5.0
Would Buy Again 5 5.0
Price 5 5.0
Product Satisfaction 5 5.0
Delivery Time 5 5.0
Anonymous Customer | Submitted 6 Jul 2017
 Verified Customer


Recommend this Company 5 5.0
Would Buy Again 5 5.0
Anonymous Customer | Submitted 5 Jul 2017
 Verified Customer

“shopped with you previously…excellent products and website.”

Recommend this Company 5 5.0
Would Buy Again 5 5.0
Paula o | Submitted 30 Jun 2017
 Verified Customer

“Very easy and quick.”

Recommend this Company 5 5.0
Would Buy Again 5 5.0

Response from

Thanks for the input Paula,

We have spent a lot of time working on streamlining our checkout process and speed of the site.  You are going to love your Dog with Paper Statue by Henri Studio  you ordered and I am sure it will add some great character to the garden.

Thanks again,

General Manager

Timothy c | Submitted 29 Jun 2017
 Verified Customer

“Great experience”

Recommend this Company 5 5.0
Would Buy Again 5 5.0
Peter | Submitted 29 Jun 2017
 Verified Customer


Recommend this Company 5 5.0
Would Buy Again 5 5.0
Alan | Submitted 26 Jun 2017
 Verified Customer

“The most outstanding level of service that I have never experienced with an online purchase.”

Recommend this Company 5 5.0
Would Buy Again 5 5.0

Response from

Hey Alan,

Thanks for taking the time to provide us with your feedback.  We saw that you might need some help and we decided that sometimes, old school customer service is required- i.e. a personal phone call.

Thank you again for the business,


Denise B | Submitted 25 Jun 2017
 Verified Customer

“Very easy. Now we will see how long it takes to receive.”

Recommend this Company 5 5.0
Would Buy Again 5 5.0

Response from

Hey Denise,

It will leave the staining department in about 10 -12 days and head to your home and you are gonna love it.


mary k | Submitted 23 Jun 2017
 Verified Customer

“easy……the website was easy to navigate. and you did not make me log in, create a password. etc. Thank you for that! I have this particular dog bed and love it. I wanted to get another one.”

Recommend this Company 5 5.0
Would Buy Again 5 5.0

Response from


You are welcome.  We love that dog bed too.

Understanding online reviews and how a company interacts with it customers will give you the best results for an online shopping experience.